About Us

For the past twenty-nine years my wife Carrie and I have been blessed with eleven children and passionate about raising each of them and will continuing to do so ( by the Grace of God lol). Along with raising our children we also have been passionate in raising our four legged children…”puppies”. We feel our fur babies are some of the best in quality both inside and out that any family breeder in the US offers. It has taken over 13 years to produce these combined bloodlines that result in having a million dollar baby born every time! Our puppies are in a class of their own and you will have to look long and hard to find their equal.We feel the proof is in their pictures and videos that displays their personality as there never is one the same. My wife and I just returned from our first missions trip to India ( January 2016) where we had visited four orphanages and formed many close bonds to these kids. As we bring a great deal of joy to our puppy parents through the adoption of our puppies, they can also know that with their puppy purchase they are supporting not only our family but orphans who have lost theirs.